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La Source - Alphonse Hasselmans

A beautiful piece written in 1898 which works perfectly as music during the signing of the register at weddings or while guests are arriving to create a magical atmosphere. This video was recorded at the 1901 Arts Club in Waterloo. 



George Ezra, arr. Tomos Xerri

This is a short clip of my experimentation with harmonics for a song request by the bride for a beautiful outdoor wedding.  It is surprising how many genres of music can be arranged for the harp; in the past I have arranged and played metal, jazz and even drum & bass songs on the harp. Please don't hesitate to ask if there's a particular song you might like on your special day. 

In Balance - Isang Yun

This Korean composer led a life fraught with difficulty. He was imprisoned by the Japanese during World War II, and then in 1967 he was kidnapped by the Korean secret service and threatened with life imprisonment. A worldwide petition of musicians and artists led to his freedom in 1969, the year he wrote this contemporary piece.

Partita no. 1 - J. S. Bach

Three movements taken from Bach's keyboard partita and transcribed for the harp by myself. This video was recorded during the Final Recital of my Master's degree in the Stuart Room, King Charles Court, Greenwich.

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